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Elohim Boys’ Secondary School is a boys’ Boarding School situated in Tanga City Council at Mwambani/mwarongo twelve kilometers from Tanga town along the Pangani road.

Elohim Boys’ Secondary school was established in 2010 by Elingaya Mungure, the school director and started with 12 students...

Why Choose Us

Elohim lab


For all our Elohim students, the measure of quality of their education will be not just in the strength of the examination results but in their values, friendships and attitudes that last for ...

Elohim Boys School-Teaching


The teaching staff is highly qualified. They aim to get the very best levels of performance out of each student. Each student has a facilitator who monitors academic progress...

Elohim Boys Secondary School


The school has embarked on an aggressive and Ambitious modern land scape development surrounding the school by planting trees, flowers and safe drainage network....

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We take pride in educating our students, so as they could be the best version of themselves. And this is not through academic execellence alone. But by also moulding them into dignified and functional members of society.



Here are some comments made by parents regarding our school's performance over the years.